Designing Habitat for Native Bees

1. Do hedgerows/ planting enhancements compete with crop bloom?

  • This is a research topic that is being addressed, in the meant time one could:
    • Avoid planting plants that bloom when the crop is blooming or, if the habitat enhancement consists of a forb planting, mow flowers when the crop is in bloom.
    • Alternatively, you could test it out – are pollinators really visiting enhancement plantings instead of the crop?

*** Most pollinators will choose plants where they can get the most from their visit. Massive crop blooms provide huge resources. While not tested, it is assumed that additional pollinator plantings will enhance the pollination of adjacent crops, not compete with those crops.

2. How big should hedgerow plantings be?

  • Research still needs to be carried out to determine optimal planting size.

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